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Top 10 Night Venues in Patong

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Patong Girls and Nightlife Patong Girls and Nightlife Prostitution is officially illegal in Thailand, however it is practised openly throughout the whole country and somewhat regulated. Offici...
Patong Bar Girls Patong Bar Girls Patong Bar Girls can be employed for a few hours, a night or for the duration of your holiday, it is usually “up to you” as the girls like...
Patong Go-Go Bars Patong Go-Go Bars Patong is not as well known for its Go-Go Bars as other parts of Thailand such as Walking Street in Pattaya and Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and...
Suzy Wongs Suzy Wongs Suzy Wongs is a group of bars and Go-Go bars located just off Bangla Road Patong in Soi Sea Dragon. The group of bars consist of Suzy Wong...
Soi Crocodile Soi Crocodile It seems that every place in Thailand that is considered a Red Light District has its own equivalent of Patong's Soi Crocodile. The Soi ...
Soi Eric Soi Eric If you are searching for a single street in Patong which has it all, then Soi Eric is definitely the one with the lot. Where most small st...
Dolphin Bar Patong Dolphin Bar Patong The Dolphin Bar is a single bar in a cluster of related bars, although the actual Dolphin Bar is the busiest and most popular. There a...
Gay Bars Gay Bars Patong is the center of the gay scene on the island of Phuket. With dozens of gay bars and gay friendly restaurants, clubs and hotel...
Aussie Bar Patong Aussie Bar Patong Aussie Bar Phuket is possibly the best example of a good, well run sports bar to be found in all of Patong. The Aussie Bar is in a promine...
Devil's Playground Devil's Playground Devil's Playground is located along Soi Sea Dragon which is just off Bangla Road Patong. It is set amongst many other of the famous Go-Go ...
Absolute Ceylon Pub Absolute Ceylon Pub Absolute Ceylon Pub is a new and stylish Patong bar, and one of the first of its kind to be opened on Phuket Island. This is an entirely m...
Exotica Agogo Exotica Agogo Exotica is located amongst many other Patong Go-Go bars within the re-constructed Soi Seadradon strip off Bangla Road. Look out for the al...

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World Class Shopping, Leisure and Entertainment Complex boasting over 300 Retail Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Bowling Alley and SF Cinema Complex!


Pamper yourself with a Thai, Oil, Swedish or Aromatherapy Massage. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety and give your nervous system a boost!


Patong has it all from delicious Thai cuisine to Italian, Japanese and British pub-grub. Beachside Restaurants are best for taking in the Sunset!


Seduction, Tiger Disco & Hollywood are King of the Clubs! Other Popular Party Hotspots are Tai Pan, Banana, Rock City & Club Lime.


Furious Punches, Elbow Strikes and Lethal Kicks are part of the action of Muay Thai Boxing which is the most popular spectator sport in Thailand!


Phi Phi Island Tours combined with Maya Bay are most popular. Other Tours include Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay, Elephant Trekking and Diving!


Phuket Island is famous for its Beautiful Beaches and Buddhist Temples. Check out Old Phuket Town, Karon Beach and the Sunset at Promthep Cape!

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Things To Do in Phuket

Relax on Patong Beach

Of all the beaches which form the coastline of Phuket, Patong Beach is the most developed and also the most popular. Patong Beach is over three kilometers long, so there is always an empty spot where holidaymakers can find a little privacy. A shallow bay of golden sand, with the warm waters of the Andaman Ocean gently lapping the shore, Patong Beach is pure beach lovers heaven. The water remains a constant 24 to 29 degrees centigrade the year round, always perfect for a swim. Read more...

Rent a Motorbike

There is so much to see and do on Phuket Island, especially around Patong, that it can be hard to fit it all into a single vacation. If you don’t have your own transport, things become even more difficult. If you want to get around some of the top places that are more than a short walk from Patong Beach, then renting a small motorbike for the duration of your holiday is a great idea.


Basic scooters are available in several engines sizes; usually 100cc, 110cc and 125cc, Honda being by far the most popular brand in Phuket. Both automatic and semi-automatic are offered for rent by every motorcycle rental shop or hotel. You will also be given a complimentary crash h ... Read more...

Big Buddha

Sitting atop the Nakkerd Hills, between Chalong and Kata, Big Buddha is fast becoming one of the must see attractions on Phuket. Newly constructed, this is a fantastic example of a large Buddha statue, placed on the highest point available to overlook the Buddhist people below it. Most large inhabited areas in Southern Thailand feature what has come to be known as a “Big Buddha”, but the one found on Phuket is the newest by far.


This new landmark can be quite tricky to find. It is located at the top of Chao Fao Road West. There are actually a pair of Buddhas, the white, concrete Big Buddha, and a smaller brass one. The large Buddha is 45 metres tall, the smaller ... Read more...

Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing as we tend to call it in the western hemisphere, is a traditional style of Thai martial arts or self defence. The similarities between Muay Thai and the kind of boxing we see back home, are slight. For example, unlike boxing back in the west, Thai boxers can use not only their hands, but their feet and elbows, as well as some moves similar to wrestling grips.


There are two Muay Thai stadiums in Patong. The first of these, Bangla Boxing Stadium is located right opposite the the Banzaan Market and next to the Jungceylon Shopping Center, so it is very easy to find. The second is the Patong Boxing Stadium, which is located on Sainamyed Road ... Read more...


One of the great things about vacationing in Thailand is that many of the activities available are far cheaper to experience than in the west. This is true of Go Karting, which is becoming very popular with visitors to Patong. Additionally, Go Kart Racing in Thailand takes place outdoors, instead of on indoor tracks, as the weather is conducive to this. This means you will be racing on far larger kart tracks than you possibly have at home.


There are two Go Kart tracks on Phuket. The first of these is Phuket Kart Speedway, which is located in Kathu, on the way into Phuket Town, over Patong Hill, on the right. The second is Patong Go Kart Speedway, which is conven ... Read more...

Bungy Jumping

Thailand is not without its extreme sports experiences, even though it is better know as a beach holiday destination. Visitors to Phuket can experience if they are seeking some vacation thrills.


World Bungy Jump Patong is over 60 meters high, making it the tallest bungy jump drop to be found in Southern Thailand. From the jump point, jumpers are rewarded by a view out across Patong bay, before they launch themselves out and across a natural spring. Read more...

Thai Cooking Class

Thai cooking is renowned around the world for being one of the most diverse, tasty styles of cuisine. Most holidaymakers visiting Phuket will try at least some Thai food whilst they are on the island. Fewer attempt to actually learn to cook Thai food.


Thai food combines fresh local produce with pungent spices, to create an aroma and taste like no other. Good Thai food is unbeatable, and certainly something which many people develop a taste for whilst on vacation. Taking a Thai cooking course whilst staying on Phuket means you can still appreciate that taste when you head home. Read more...

Phuket Zoo

Phuket Zoo is a Zoo like no other in Thailand. Phuket Zoo resides within a 12 acre lush, landscaped tropical garden. Plenty of aged trees offer shade, as you stroll around this serene tropical paradise. Narrow waterways, crossed by using small bridges, create a series of islands within the park. Each island is home to a difference species of animal.


Each year Phuket adds to the variety of animals, birds, fish and reptiles which visitors may encounter. Additionally, the zoo operates some of the most advanced breeding projects in Thailand, and is helping to protect many endangered species, all of which can be found within the zoo. You will see everything from elep ... Read more...

Tattoos in Patong

It seems that every young Thai person has one or more tattoos these days. Tattoo art is nothing new to Thailand, but the western tattoo designs are. Over the last ten years, the number of tattoo shops which offer western style tattoos, using modern equipment, has grown steadily. Of course, if you are visiting Patong on vacation, and want to acquire a new tattoo to remember your holiday by, then this is good news.


However, for those looking for as truly Asian tattoo experience, it is best to seek out an old style Thai tattoo parlor, which still uses bamboo to imprint the ink into the skin. Bamboo tattoos do look different to machine made tattoos, they are often l ... Read more...

Phuket Shooting Range

The Phuket Shooting Range has been operating for over 10 years, and has gone from being a simple outdoor firing range, to a full complex which includes a 24 alley indoor range and two outdoor ranges. There is a wide range of firearms available for visitors to try out, and this includes several different calibre of guns, from .22mm to 9mm. The firearms selection includes shotguns, rifles and handguns.


Along side offering visitors a chance to test out some of the most famous firearms of all time, the Phuket Shooting Range also runs special combat shooting courses, designed to give visitors an idea of what it would be like to wield a weapon in a live fire environme ... Read more...

Phuket Fishing Tours

Visitors to Phuket have access to some of the world’s most inexpensive sports fishing. Even though sports fishing in Phuket is far less expensive than other areas of the world, this does not mean there is not of high quality. Indeed, the Andaman Ocean around Phuket, especially out towards the Similan islands, is noted as providing some of the best game fishing to be found anywhere. A whole range of species can be caught from either boat or shore, and this includes both blue and black Marlin, Wahoo, Dorado, Tuna, Kingfish and a whole range of other species. Read more...

Phuket Town

Phuket Town is the only real metropolitan area to be found on the island of Phuket. Phuket Town is of interest to visitors to Phuket, as it gives a snapshot in to every day Thai life, that is if the visitor is willing to look beyond the parts of this small city which have been developed solely for holidaymakers.


Early in the morning, you will find monks gathering arms from the local community, to be taken back to the local temple and shared as part of the communal morning meal. At the same time, the local food markets are doing their morning trade, as Thai people shop for their daily food. This is a typical start to the day for most Thia people who live outside ... Read more...

Phuket Temples

Although Phuket is most famously known for its hedonistic beach holiday scene and vibrant nightlife, it is not without its historical and cultural highlights. Most notable of these are the Buddhist Temples. There are local temples (Wat) to be found all over Phuket, although there are two which are considered to be of major importance. The first of these is Wat Chalong, which is built upon the site of the statue of Luang Por Cham, a Thai hero who was key to overcoming the Chinese Rebellion (also known as the Angyee) of 1876.


This is one of the most famous temples in Thailand, and is visited by tens of thousands of Thai people every year. Two of the previous abbot ... Read more...

Songkran Water Festival

There is no national holiday anywhere in the world quite like Songkran. Songkran is the celebration of the Thai new year, which starts on the 13th of April, and depending upon where you are in Thailand, Songkran Festival can last between 3 and 10 days. What makes Songkran so special? Simple, where else on earth would you find a festival which is nothing short of a 10 day long national water fight? Songkran takes place during the very hottest part of the year, and Thai people spend Songkran dousing each other with water in any way they can.


Songkran in Phuket only lasts three days, with the third and final day being the most lively. Be warned, if you are on the s ... Read more...

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